Learning Arabic Question Sentence

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هل: “do…?”, “are …? Or “is…?”

هَلْ أَنْتَ مُدَرِّسٌ؟
Are you a teacher?

نَعَمْ، اَنَا مُدَرِّسٌ
Yes, I am a teacher.

لَا، اَنَا تِلْمِيْذٌ
No, I am a student.

هَلْ فَهِمْتَ هَذَا الدَّرْسَ
Did you understand this lesson?

نَعَمْ، فَهِمْتُ
Yes, I understood.

لَا اَفْهَمُهُ
No, I don’t understand it.

Vocabulary (Mufradat):
أَنْتَ: you (male)
مُدَرِّسٌ: teacher (male)
نَعَمْ: yes
اَنَا: I
لَا: no
تِلْمِيْذٌ: student (male)
فَهِمْتَ: you understood
هَذَا: this
الدَّرْسَ: the lesson
اَفْهَمُهُ: I understand it.

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