Learning Arabic Class

On this post, I make some Arabic sentences by using word “class”. Let’s check it out!

فَصْلٌ: a class
الْفَصْلُ: the class

هَيَّا بِنَا نَدْخُلُ الْفَصْلَ!
اُنْظُرْ اِلَى الْفَصْلِ!
اُنْظُرِىْ اِلَى الْفَصْلِ!
تَفَضَّلْ اُدْخُلْ اِلَى الْفَصْلِ!
رَئِيْسُ الْمَدْرَسَةِ يَدْخُلُ الْفَصْلَ

1. Let's come in class!
2. Look at (male) the class!
3. Look at (female) the class!
4. Please, come in class!
5. A headmaster comes in the class.

هَيَّا بِنَا: let us
نَدْخُلُ: we come in
اُنْظُرْ: look at (male)
اِلَى: to
اُنْظُرِىْ: look at (female)
تَفَضَّلْ: please (male)
اُدْخُلْ: come in! (command)
رَئِيْسُ: head
الْمَدْرَسَةِ: school
رَئِيْسُ الْمَدْرَسَةِ: headmaster
يَدْخُلُ: come in (present or future tense)

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